• Natural Ingredients

    Because we value quality ingredients and customers’ health the most, we only use domestically grown, natural ingredients. Our chicken contains the lowest amount of sodium among the industry, by naturally aged meat without curing.

  • Light & Less greasy recipe

    Different from other brands’ recipes, Kyochon’s thin batter and double frying method remove excess oil, offering clean and light taste. The secret of crispy but moist chicken is Kyochon’s 20-year know-how, and Kyochon’s oil is exclusively for deep-frying.

  • Kyochon’s Authentic
    Original Sauces

    Kyochon Series: A natural ingredient, garlic meets soy sauce
    Red Series: Domestically grown red pepper concentrate
    Honey Series: Sweetened by real honey
    Kyochon is proud of the best, unrivaled taste, made from all natural ingredients.

  • Hearty Recipe

    For the best taste, Kyochon sticks to the standard recipe on manual at clean kitchens. Double-frying and piece-by-piece sauce-coating are time-consuming, but these are necessary processes for our hearty nutritious chicken.

Three Things You Can’t Find in Kyochon’s Food!

There are some additives which cause no harm, but no benefit either.
Kyochon’s pickled radish contains no glacier acetic acid or sodium saccharine.
No MSG in any food offered by Kyochon.